Downtime and Productivity

I figure most people who bother to read this blog will ultimately want to know what I’ve been doing in-world. Luckily for those people, I’m actually willing to share such information. *snicker*

New Stuff

Photo Set: I am in the process of building my first photo set. What’s a photo set, you may ask? It’s a custom space designed to use built-in poses to take pictures. These seemed to be getting a lot of exposure at Pose Fair, so I thought I would jump into the market and see what I could do. The first pose set should be finished by Friday the 30th. It has 11 singles poses — some of which can be combined for two or more people in the same scene — and 3 male/female couples poses. It also makes use of 5 wallpaper/fabric colors, 5 changeable floor colors, and 4 changeable wood colors. Someone great with math will no doubt be able to tell me what the possible design combinations are, but for now let’s just say that it is adaptable, and I hope everyone will be able to have a scene they like and which reflects their style.

New Store Design: As many of my friends know, I have also been rebuilding the main oOo Studio building. I love my current style, complete with pipes and pillars and brick. Unfortunately, having received two new pictures for poses back from Hallelujah, the shop has now reached its functional capacity. It was designed to hold a lot more, but it has been rightly pointed out that adding more and more poses to it is making it look cluttered. The new design is fresh and clean and open. It will be housed with an exterior brick to match the current design, but will be longer, have two floors, and contain the full risque section. I’m really excited about it, and hope to put it into place on Saturday, May 1. It will mark the third major store design since the Studio opened in September 2009.

Downtime: At the moment, SL is down. They said that there would be Server Maintenance, but it apparently resulted in the grid being entirely shut down to everyone and there is a message regarding “Inworld and login issues.” Now, I know I can be catty and snippy, but what we as users receive is:

[10:45pm PDT] [UPDATE] Logins are currently still down. The website and support portal have come back online, though they may be slow to load or experience errors. is inaccessible as well. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as we can – please continue to check back for updates.

[9:45pm PDT] [UPDATE] Logins and, including the support portal, continue to be inaccessible as we work to resolve this issue. Please check back here for updates.

[9:15pm PDT] [UPDATE] and access to live chat and support tickets are also currently affected, and unavailable for the time being.

[9pm PDT] We’re currently experiencing login and inworld issues. We’re investigating the cause and scope of this issue and will post here when we have more information. Please do not rez no-copy objects or make transactions for the time being.

I’m sure it’s not just me when I say: vague much? I mean, just say “you’re screwed, and we know it. Chill.” and we would at least know they knew we were screwed rather than veiling it with this logins are not enabled crap. Plus, it never helps that the Grid Status still shows online and that there are 7,378 people in-world. Bet those folks are living a lag-free life… well, no, not knowing LL.

The real downside to not being online right now is that there’s no other way to build. As such, I’m blogging, and likely plurking, and even more likely I’m going to update mundane stuff like my flickr and such. *sighs*