Oxymoron: Male Model

In hour 4 of the SL downtime, I had finished watching almost everything my DVR had taped. I started looking for new poses to make. It is worth mentioning here that my process for making poses is to find images to inspire the poses. Some people would say that is uninspired, but I think of it being exactly the opposite. I think finding physical references makes the poses more realistic and relateable.

I have already prepared one set of male model poses (7 of them) for a set. I like them a lot, and have not assembled the set yet and uploaded them in-world. Figuring that men were a bit of an untapped market, though, I hit the web for source material. So seriously, wtf is up with male models? They are gorgeous, but for some reason all the poses that are used of them emphasize either bare chests or walking shots. It’s enough to have a great face and a great body if you are a male model, because posing is not strictly necessary. Just stand there. Please, fashionistos, do not get me wrong. I believe in modeling as a business option, and as a (however short-lived) career option. The problem with what we get of men is that it feels like it is the same picture of every hot man. Now I know why ANTM is all about the young women and why they have not yet made a male version (short of the notion that there might be way less drama/screaming/fighting among men).

Case in point: http://www.forbes.com/2008/05/05/fashion-modeling-magazines-biz-media-cz_ls_0506malemodels.html where we learn:

 Quick, name one male model. Sorry, Fabio doesn’t count.

Can’t do it? No surprise. Male models, even the few who work at the top of the fashion industry, are unknown to the general public.

“It’s the only industry in the world where women make more than men,” says John W. Babin, co-director of the men’s division at Red Model Management.

So here I am thinking I’ll read this list and look up pics of these gorgeous creatures, and I will be inspired by the poses in which they appear. Yeah, not so much.

According to Forbes, the highest paid lad is Taylor Fuchs. He is pretty indeed. And in googling pics of him we get:

Taylor sitting | Taylor sitting | Taylor sitting

Taylor standing | Taylor standing | Taylor standing | Taylor standing

And yes. I get it. It IS what guys do. They sit, and they stand. So do women. Women just seem to do it a bit more dynamically.

So with my little unnecessary rant over here, if you are a guy, and you are in SL and you want poses, find me a picture and I will make it for you. But please, please, please do not show me a picture of a man standing facing left rather than right or leaning forward slightly rather than back. I simply cannot get 7 poses out of that. :\


I will be looking to make these:


Side note? The Fashionisto Images site rocks.