Time grows short. A week from tomorrow I’m going on vacation, and after that it’s actually time for me to get a real job. Ugh. Real job. As a result I see that I have a week to wrap up all the projects I have in the hopper. That’s Christmas-level wrapping.

So as a bit of a little to-do list, the following is what is started and supposed to be finished this week:

  • Rainy Day Photo Set: Darn near done. I am missing some scripts so I am hitting up scripty friends this week. This has been absorbing all my time, but it has been so much fun and is worth it in my mind. Just you wait.
  • Boudoir model pose set: Poses done, need to be photographed, and I was trying to find the right prop. I think I have that now, so it’s time to hit the gallery.
  • Bathtub model pose set: Yep. Fall out of it, lay and soak in it, or just hide your bits in bubbles in it. Either way, it’s a pretty tub you can get naked in (not that I will, as I don’t do those things).
  • Bohemian model pose set: Peace, man. Poses which need flowers in your hair and boots with fringes. In the bag already, needing photos.
  • Guitar model pose set: There is one out there, I know. But I swear the idea is original, and so are the poses. Needs photos.
  • Trilogy-inspired set: This one doesn’t have a name yet. But the poses are once more in the bag, they just need to be photographed.
  • Bon model pose set: Inspired by a rather obscure video game I don’t even know the name of, this one is based on Japanese dancers with fans, but with a lot more movement. Needs prop completion, pics.
  • Beefcake model pose set: Yep, for the guys! The first of two sets, this one needs to be uploaded and photographed.
  • Swing model pose set: Not swingers. Just on a swing. Needs a pose or two and a swing. Go figure.
  • Store redesign.
  • Pose for sunflower and Stev. It is on my radar. Promise.
  • Pose for K&T. No, that K is not my normal list of K-named friend.

Wow. Now that it is all on paper it is all the more daunting. We shall see how we get on with all these.