Week.end Revisited

So for the one person following me here, you will note that I put out a gigantor list of stuff I had to do about a week before I went on vacation. Vacation has a weird way of either making stuff work, or delaying it completely. Just when I thought I had enough on my plate before going, I went back to the buffet and added some things. At that same time, I also set a few things aside to come back to and do. Following is the list of what got done in those frenzied last few days:

  • Rainy Day Photo Set: Still working out scripting and posing issues. Hope to have this one done by Friday, but it looks like rather than build up to house these, I will build a new little building entirely. Stay tuned.
  • Boudoir model pose set: Completed. Please view the signature and the composite.
  • Bathtub model pose set: Yep. Fall out of it, lay and soak in it, or just hide your bits in bubbles in it. Either way, it’s a pretty tub you can get naked in (not that I will, as I don’t do those things).
  • Bohemian model pose set: Done! Signature and composite.
  • Guitar model pose set: Halfway there. Need a signature photo. The gorgeous composite with Rara Destiny in it is done (but not posted on flickr yet without its signature)!
  • Trilogy-inspired set: Became the 1940s set, and it’s allll done! Here is the signature and the composite.
  • Bon model pose set: Completed the fan and the composite images, need the signature.
  • Beefcake model pose set: Yep, for the guys! This one got done, too, and I am really pleased with the results. View the signature and composite.
  • Swing model pose set: Done and done. Peek at the signature and composite. The swing contains all the poses, and the individual poses are not available on this one, just the swing.
  • Store redesign. This is ongoing, and has been redone a dozen times or so. *laugh*Launch date is now set at Friday, May 21.
  • Pose for sunflower and Stev. It is on my radar. Promise.
  • Pose for K&T. No, that K is not my normal list of K-named friend.
  • Some unplanned stuff got done, too, including three new images for the Risque section of the gallery. These are:

    oOo Studio: Possession

    Possession Pose Photo

    Possession (shown right)