No one knows I exist.

No, truly, I need some press to remind and tell people I exist. To this end, I created a set of 7 poses and sent them out to bloggers whose names were listed on the official Pose Fair blogger list. That meant 60 little black (and white) boxes sent into the blogosphere.

I got 5 messages of either thanks or acknowledgement the next morning. It got me blogged here: Many thanks to Chic Aeon for her great photography and mention!

Here’s a composite of what I sent out. If you’re reading this and you blog, drop me a line and I will send the poses your way.

Photo deets:
Hair: LAMB
Shoes: SLink
Skin: AtomicBambi Sabrina
Shorts: Deviance
Necklace: Mandala
Tank: C.D. (I so dearly love this shirt)
Cuff: Shade Throne

Did I mention I rather suck at social networking? Okay, now I have.