And we blogged

Well, technically THEY blogged. And they blogged with MY poses!!!! Which is like all kinds of tremendous good. I love seeing people in my poses. I love people who even use or like my poses. I love a lot of people even unrelated to my poses… but I digress.

I met Valetta GossipGirl by accident. She added me as a flickr contact just after I sent out the blogger poses. I thought that’s why she was adding me. Turns out she had seen one of James Schwarz’s photos of my poses (here, here and here) and liked them. So I talked to her and ended up sending her the blogger set. Not only did she use them, she wrote fabulous things about them. ❤ for that! Read all about it here: And thanks Valetta!!

I’m feeling amazing. Strawberry Singh — who I’m not going to get giddy over being a pretty popular SLebrity — blogged this: