Finally! The first vignette

After two months in development, input from everyone I know to ask, and lots of testing, my first vignette (i.e. photo set) is complete. For the first time, I think I managed to get everything to do exactly what I wanted, and I’m a wee bit thrilled by that concept. So here’s the lowdown on the set:

  • 9 singles poses tucked into the window seat, including 3 with props: a journal, a photo album, and a book. A pencil for the journal is included with the set, just wear it.
  • 6 of those 9 poses are also available in the other cushion of the window seat so a friend can visit for photo ops.
  • 3 couples poses on the pillows in front of the fireplace. He can lay with his head in her lap, he can read to her from Pride and Predjudice, or they can sit nestled together in the window seat.

The coolest part? A color/texture change HUD. Yep. 5 wallpaper choices, 5 fabric combinations, 5 wood trim colors, 5 floor colors, 4 exterior images (New York, Paris, San Fran and a field), and 5 rugs. Which all add up to a LOT of choices. And the rain can be turned on and off as necessary for pics.

It’s in the final stages of packaging, and will be in-store on Monday, June 21st for 750L… which people tell me is a steal, given that you basically pay for 3 couples poses and get 9 singles poses and a set for free. But whatever, it’s a good price for something I am really proud to present.

Here’s the promo image with all the poses shown. The finished set is 162 prims, and there’s an extra pose in the stool you get which serves as the rez-faux box. Seriously, how cool is that!?