Vignette done got blogged

If you read this item title and it feels like more of a common phrase than a joke, please seek assistance from your local library in the reference section.

The news of the day is actually the news from yesterday. Gorgeous Yongho, of Juicy Bomb, blogged the vignette. And she asked if I would be making a skybox version. (I will not be at this junction.)

In point of fact, I made a skybox called Earth. I slaved a bit over it because if you know me you know that everything has to be just right. I was tasked with creating an attractive, 100-prims or less skybox complete with furnishings which would fit on a 512 plot. And I did it. And I never sold it because for some reason in my head I thought people would have problems with it and I would spend all my time dealing with complaints and fixes. I am a bit of a self-doubter when it comes to making things I think are great while I am working on them, and then question the saleability of after the fact. It is why there are still poses in the Studio which have no pics taken of them. Nothing I take could be as intimate as something someone else does, even when they are.

Anyway, back to the blogging thing. Gorgeous liked my little vignette, which pleases me to no end. It has also, I think, added quite a few people to the ranks of those who normally stop by. More is better. I am sure of it.

To that end, I am trying to make more stuff. More poses, more vignettes, just more. And there will be more about that more coming tomorrow. Today, I am terribly behind on two projects and need to get back to work.