On Now & Coming Soon

On Now

Operation Squeegee continues moving forward toward their goal of $5,000US to donate to the National Wildlife Federation for the cleanup efforts in the Gulf. I’ve got two items on offer to support the cause: a couples pose, Between, and a singles group called Bucket. Three singles poses are included, and they come with the color change buckets. Just wear them and pose!

Also new in the Studio is Deliverance, a couples pose. I got totally lucky in getting my best friend Rock to pose with me on a little beach I created. *sighs* He’s dreamy in this shot. Oh, and a note on this hair: It was made for me on the fly by Analog Dog’s Queue Marlowe. I tinted it red for the shot, but love it in this image. Thanks Queue!

oOo Deliverance

Coming Soon

I posted here on the blog a pic I shot of me and my friend Alco in a pose I made. The pose was never released in the Studio, and it’s time to let it see the light of day! It’s called Layback (it will get a new name before release) and will be given away (yes, seriously!) during the Pro Posers Hunt, which starts the 15th of July and runs through August 5th. All you have to do to be a part of the hunt is to join the group in-world and seek your gifts. I’m number 32 on the list, but never fear, as I think there are only 50 vendors total, so it’s not some massive hunt you will have to spend weeks doing. And it is all poses, so it is win/win.


As if that was not enough, I am finally finishing up the custom build that I agreed to do on a contract. It has been a month in the making, but I think it has turned out very well. When I get back next week I will be finishing up projects I’ve started already, including two vignettes, a set of men’s modeling poses (with a fun prop), two sets of women’s model poses and three threesome poses. Did I mention I love what I do but I’m busy?! *laugh* See you in the Studio soon!