Silent all these years

Uh, yeah, it’s kinda been forever, and I am really really sorry to the like, 6 people who might be reading this. *laughs* I sent a message to my in-world group to say that everything is new right now, and that fact has meant my attention has been focused elsewhere. Here is a different view of what’s new:

I have a new rl job. After 2 years off the market entirely, I have gone back to work full-time. On the one hand, I love it. The guy I work for is tremendous, one of the smartest, hardest-working and genuine individuals I have ever met. I’ll have more money in the real world, which will be nice. Unfortunately it takes me out of SL, so I am working very hard to make my reduced time in-world more productive.

New land! I found a gorgeous little piece of land (when I say little here it’s more in the cute term, it’s a quarter sim!) which seemed to have my name written allllll over it. There are four owners, and 3 of us have businesses on our sims. What this means for the store is that I have had an opportunity to build a store with a theme, a feel and a design aesthetic that I was limited in producing previously. Which brings us to:

New store! I’ve built the store, my loyal puppy has terraformed for me, and we’ve landscaped that sucker to within an inch of its life. I hope that it will be not only a place people come to see what poses are new in the store, to enjoy wandering around, but also to use as a backdrop for photo opportunities, and I’ve got plans to sprinkle some freebie poses throughout the land so that there are custom opportunities to take glorious images with my poses. The new design also gave me space for a duck pond, so I hope everyone has a chance to spend some time pondside with Gertrude and Zachary.

New poses! Because I had a bit of time between knowing I was going to go back to work and actually going back to work, I thought it a good time to make poses and create a bit of a backlog of them. My goal is to be able to release about one pose every two weeks and make sure they are both timely and relevant. I also hope to get in on some events like hunts.

New photographers! I’ve found three amazing photographers to do some work for the Studio — Strawberry Singh, Odetta Magic and recent contest winner Icarii Naxos — have created gorgeous works with the new poses, so you’ll see their pictures as the new poses are released. Hopefully we will see others added to their ranks.

New tools! X-Poser from Essential Soul allows photographers to control avatars in ways I have not seen elsewhere on the grid. From facial expressions to lighting, there is now no need for avatars to jump up to change positions, and photographers (rather than models) can control the scene by moving, changing, swapping avatars from one pose to another in a set, to an entirely different pose altogether, or moving them around within the pose shot. It’s really amazing. The HUD allows the controller to select poses by photograph rather than trying to guess what this or that pose looked like. Buyers of the tool can also add existing poses from their inventory using the convertor method (a bit time consuming, but worth it, and only has to be done once), and all my poses will soon be compatible with it, so you can just drop and load them.

And with that, I end this new blog post! Exciting things on the horizon, and I can’t wait!