The New Store is Open!

Quick note to say that the new store is open, and to give out a landmark to it. I will be closing the location at Enoch, though I will be keeping a small spit of the land just so that there is a forwarding address for a month.

I’ve put out the Spellbound pose for free beneath the subscriber kiosk, so if you do not already have this pose, now is the time to get it. Everything I have available is in the new store right now, including three new couples poses:

Tasty, shot by Odetta Magic

I want you, just exactly like I used to

Girlies 1 (first in a group of 8 girl/girl friend poses) – shot by Strawberry Singh


500, shot by Icarii Naxos (my contest winner for this pose, woot!)


I have converted MOST poses to the X-Poser system, so there is an additional box in each purchase which you can use to add the pose to your X-Poser stand. I will be working on making the poses which are not yet compatible more apparent in the store, and as well actually converting anything not yet done.

Oh, and I put a few of the slower-selling couples poses on sale in the back.

So with that, I’ll declare this location officially open for business, hope you stop by and try out new poses, see the things which you might not have seen previously, and enjoy the new build/sim.

Thank you all for your business!