Week 3.1 of Saturday New

I know what you’re thinking: Why a Saturday New message on late Tuesday/Wednesday?

Well, as it happens, I simply couldn’t wait to show everyone some of the fantasticly new things in the Studio! Plus, I’ve been working on releases, so why not release them?

The first is a new model pose set called Angles. Elbows out, knees bent, body leaning, feet turned, they’re all part of the angled pose vocabulary, and this was my chance to bring that into SL. Seven poses, plus a freebie available in the store now. Many thanks to LovelyMiwako for snapping such a gorgeous and avant signature image for the set.

Client: oOo Studio

oOo angles composite

Also new are some pics for poses which have been in the Studio for a while, so in case you might have passed these by previously while wondering what to do with them, here are some gorgeous photographic suggestions:
Intwined, also by LovelyMiwako

Destiny Intwined

Supremacy, by Nate Ninetails

oOo Supremacy

Both are available in the risque section of the new Studio build, which is to the right of the fireplace and down the stairs (in case you missed it!).

I’ve got two vampire-inspired poses in the photography queue right now, and a witchy singles pack not far behind it. I’m gearing up for Halloween in a big way, and it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays!

Saturday we’ll have three new poses coming your way, so get ready for the weekend!