Week 5 of Saturday New

I am pleased and delighted to offer three new poses at the Studio this week!

First, number 5 in the Girlies set of girl/girl poses, shot by Strawberry Singh. This series is fast drawing to a close, and I haven’t determined yet whether I’ll continue the set, or end it at number 8. If you have an opinion, please do drop me a notecard and let me know!


Next, Icarii Naxos continues her photographic reign with a pose I love to little pieces. Called Sunset, this one is a bendy kiss which is so sweet, I know tons of people will want to share it with their loved ones.


Finally, one of two vampiric poses, this one called Yearn. Strawberry shot this one for me and I love love love it. I don’t do gory vampires, but I do fall for the sensuality of vampires, of biting and of the forbidden passionate side of the genre, and I think this pose/pic shows those parts to perfection.

Also through October 31st, I have made new poses for the broomsticks in Witchy, but these are ..animated.. and they’re available exclusively at the Studio location on the ICON sim. Each one comes with a broom to wear, and they gently rise and fall while hands and/or legs are animated. I think they’re cute, they’re $125L for all three, and you can get them here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ICON%20Lifestyle/128/243/21

oOo broomstick

See you at the Studio!!