Week 6 of Saturday New (on Sunday!)

Sadly, I found myself without internet access all day yesterday, so I wasn’t able to put out the Saturday new releases on Saturday, so they’re delayed until today. Bummer, right?

Well, only kind of a bummer. With the few days left in the run-up to Halloween, I’ve discounted both my Halloween vampire poses — last week’s Yearn and my new release, Feast — through October 31st. Pick them up for only $200L! Whether you want to vamp it up or not, these are sensual poses which can be used for almost any couples or threesome shots. My gratitude to James Schwarz for shooting Feast to perfection. I had envisioned it having a feel like Interview with the Vampire, and I adore the end result.


Also coming to the main Studio now through the 31st is Broomstick, three ANIMATED broomstick sits previously available exclusively at the ICON store. Comes with the broomstick for you to perch on, and the animations make the broomstick float gently while hands, arms and/or legs move.

oOo broomstick

While I’ve been offline I’ve been creating all sorts of new poses, so hopefully you’ll see those coming to the Studio in the weeks to come.

Have a happy Halloween, and I’ll be back next weekend with the next pose in the Girlies collection and a guest photographer or three bringing beauty to poses!


P.S. Just a reminder that most all poses in the Studio now are compatible with the X-Poser system. This means that there are lovely little boxes (called XP) in each pose you buy. It contains all you’ll need to just drop into your X-Poser stand and load up the poses. You’ll be able to see the pictures of each pose to choose which pose you want to use, then you’ll be able to adjust the avatars individually, swap them, and get just the shot you want. It is a fantastic system, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do! There are landmarks on the wall to the left of the entry at the Studio if you want to see how the system works and get one for yourself.