Week 7 of Saturday New

Happy Halloween to everyone! And happy birthday tomorrow to one of my good friends, and hopefully he knows who he is!

I’ve got three new releases for you all today, beginning with the next in the Girlies series, number 7. If you’ve followed the releases, you’ll be wondering why this one is 7 and not 6. Well, the quick answer is that when I was making them, 6 was the last one in the set, so I made it be the one for 3 women rather than 2. Then I found a bit of inspiration for two more poses, and just called them 7 and 8. 6 is out for photography, and I’ll send notice as soon as it’s available.


Second up is a male dom pose, my first going into the risque section for quite some time. I’ve been making new poses, but this is the first one I’ve got made and through photography, and I gotta say I’m really pleased with it. I have called it Dominion. For the record, the inspiration for the styling is for my friend VV, who has a thing for men in suits and women in well… little.

oOo Dominion

Finally, a singles posepack, Creature. I’m finding this one rather near and dear to my heart. I have received great feedback on it already, which pleases me no end, but I’ve also had tons of fun putting the styling together. I hope you like this set as much as I do! I’ve also included the pic of the freebie, and one amazing pic done by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna, who used the poses to create an unusual double mirrored image.

creature signature

creature composite

One more note is that most of the singles sets are now available through the Marketplace. Here’s a quick link. I’ll be adding the couples poses soon, and you’ll be able to send poses to friends as gifts.  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/24467

A reminder that the two vampire poses — Yearn and Feast — are still on sale through tomorrow midnight.

Lots of good stuff coming your way next week, too! Have a happy and safe Halloween!