Week 8 of Saturday New Releases

Wow, week 8 already? That’s like, 22 poses new in past weeks. It’s hard to image there have been that many new releases… and even harder to imagine I’ve been that productive, since that’s always a surprise to me. *laugh*

So the Halloween vampire poses Yearn and Feast have been repriced. Please don’t forget about these being  just darn good couple/threesome poses even if there’s no intent on bloodshed. Both were inspired by non-vamp images.

New in this week is the 8th and currently final Girlies pose. As you might have read in past notices, Girlies 6 is on hold. It features three women in one pose, and will be steaming up the Studio as soon as it is available. For collectors and those who shoot a lot of female/female shots, though, this series wraps up with a sexy little number I really like.

Playing with my ALT

Icarii Naxos is back showing us Portrait. I love how simple this pose is, and I suspect my professional and budding professional photographers will get quite a bit of use out of it. Icarii’s just updated to CS5, and I’m jealous and pleased as punch with her new images!


A new (to me) photographer, Lara Ubert, joins the oOo family this week with His. This is the counter to the long-ago-released Hers, and I love the intricacy and intimacy of both the pose and the image Lara crafted with it. Believe me, you’ll see more of her in weeks to come.

oOo His

The newest in the singles poses is available, Grounded, and it’s made up of ground sits and kneels. I think of it as being one of those sets that’s really basic in any photographer/blogger/avatar’s world, that you go to when you think “I need to be sitting on the ground.” Please note with this set: the poses aren’t adjusted to actually sit on the ground. Why? Because every avatar’s height will vary, and so will their height above the ground in poses. Rather than try to guesstimate what that is, I’ve left them at the standard height, so you’ll need to use a handy thing (I recommend X-Poser!) to adjust yourself accordingly. I’ll also put out a generic poseball near the subscriber kiosk that you can pick up for free to drop in poses if you need to.

oOo grounded signature

oOo grounded composite

Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!

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