Week 11 of Saturday new (on Sunday)

Happy holidays all! I’ve been busily decking the halls, trimming the trees and decorating the Studio I didn’t get this notice out until today, Sunday.

Quiet week for new releases, but busy busy for me getting upcoming releases together. This week, though, Strawberry Singh shot Covet for me. I admit to being unable to stop looking at this picture. It’s so intimate and close and… well, see for yourself!

Berry's Blogger Challenge - What I love!

I’ve sent out half a dozen poses to different and amazing photographers, so in the next few weeks you’ll see the Red Light vignette, new men’s pose singles, and some general couples loveliness. I might even have a prop or two up my sleeve for the holiday!

Hope you’re staying warm (or cool, for you equator busters) and that the season is blessing you with all the best.