Happy New Year

So one of my goals (because resolutions are for chumps) is to be better with this blog. I have also set up a tidy little set of goals for production at the Studio, and I figured the best way to make sure that I am keeping up with what I want to do is by actually telling everyone what that is. That way, when I do or don’t do stuff, my lovely friends will no doubt hold me accountable. So here is the 2011 Studio wishlist of the things I would like to accomplish.

  1. Design and release 3 new vignettes
  2. Release both of the skyboxes I have created
  3. Refine my release processes. This has four parts, including X-Poser compatibility, marketplace entries, blogging and communication with my customer base.
  4. Release 50 couples poses. Yes, this really is like one almost every week.
  5. Release 25 singles packs.
  6. Hold 2 major sales (but I’m not saying when!)
  7. Release 6 pose prop sets
  8. Participate in 6 hunts (the first is the ProPosers hunt, starting shortly).
  9. Rerelease 12 poses (about one per month) with new photography.

There is a 10th item, but it’s something I do not necessarily want to alert my competition to just yet, so I shall keep that under my hat a bit longer. Hopefully I will just have it done soon and then won’t have to worry about it getting on the list.

So there it is. Hold me to it, hmm?