Dreaming and Snow at the Studio

Sometimes lightning strikes twice. When I was putting together the chair for Saddle, and sitting with my Victor, I wondered, “What would happen if I just laid down?” So I did, and this pose, held in the captive grasp of my inventory, was the result.

Available in-Studio now, I have to say I am loving this pose all over again.

Dreaming(showing the included chair, too)

The next on the list is, I think, the last of the truly snowy inspired pictures. Snowbirds is a fun pose for playing around in the snow drifts with the one who keeps your heart warm.


In my pledge to get everything done each time there’s a new release, too, this is the blog updated, and the Marketplace is ready to go to allow you to send these poses as a gift to friends and loved ones.
REMINDER: The ProPosers Hunt is taking place January 15-February 15, and the Studio is #18 on the list. I’m wrapping up production on my item, and I hope when I announce it next week that you’ll want to come running in for it and its companion items!

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