Saturday Updates

Happy Saturday! New stuff is all around, and I shall now tell you what some of those things are. First, the ProPosers hunt began at midnight SLT. It runs from January 15th to February 15th and includes over 50 pose and animation design stores giving away the stuff they do best. I participate in very few events, but I did this hunt last year and had a fantastic time, so of course I would do it again.

In advance of that nightmare that is Valentine’s Day, I wanted something romantic, and a couple in a tub seemed to fit the bill. And that concept blossomed from one pose in a 2-prim tub to what became 5 poses in a 106-prim vignette. Ironic that it normally takes me months to get a vignette to market, and yet this one materialized in about 10 days. Better still, though, is that Strawberry Singh shot some great pics for it, and the ad boards came out really well. So here are the hunt and vignette ads. Both are available in-Studio now.

PPH#18 oOo Studio - Steamy

oOo Steamy Vignette

See you in-store with everyone else hunting around for the poses, and using the direct tp from the lobby to the vignette section, where you can rez and try out the Steamy vignette for yourself.