Ethereal Touch

Okay, I’m so bad at writing to say that I’ve released new stuff! I’ve silently put things out for sale, and then I remember I never told anyone!

The ProPosers hunt continues through February 15th, and the hunt gift is the tub with a tender couple’s pose in it. Need more information? The hunt blog is up and the clue for the Studio is spot on. will get you started.

The Steamy vignette is also for trial and sale over in the vignettes room with the Rainy Day Interior. If you haven’t seen it, come give it a try.

ALMOST THERE!! Yep, the subscriber numbers keep going up, largely due to the hunt, and we are very quickly approaching 1,000 subscribers. That is, to me, jaw dropping. Thank you all so much for your support! And yes, there will be gifts at 1,000. Promise. 🙂

NEW NEW NEW! I released a set of singles poses called Ethereal. These are inspired by the amazing creatures and fashions at Evie’s Closet. If you’ve never been there, here’s how to go. [Landmark: Evie’s Closet – Formal & Fantasy] Her faeries, fairies and such are so exquisite, and I couldn’t help but make delicate poses for the winged types. I haven’t tried it, but these may be great for the faun set, too. The signature is by Lara Ubert, who is all types of talented!

The ever-talented Strawberry Singh shot Touch for me, and it’s gorgeous. It was made for a man and a woman, so it’s sized proportionately, but of course she proved it can be what I like to call “unisexy” regardless of the genders. Tattoos are optional, but they can add all kinds of gorgeous to a pic.

touch me

I hope January has been a wonderful month for you all! February brings us a rather annoying holiday even for the most romantic (and I’m one of those, promise!), but I have some things planned, so hopefully we’ll all get through it alright. See you in month 2!