Captive & Red Light Special Vignette

Hello to all the folks receiving these notices! Our numbers have increased during the ProPosers hunt, so welcome to those who recently joined. I try to do semi-regular weekend notices of new stuff, so here’s one mid-weekend.

It’s all about Icarii Naxos this weekend. Not only does she rock my socks off, but this time, she’s my photographer on both counts! First, Captive, which is the newest addition to the D/s family of poses. There’s nudity in it, so avert your eyes if you don’t wanna see (i.e, click now). It comes with the ropes to bind her wrists that he’s holding on the other end, and works with all you XPoser owners (yay!).

oOo Captive

Some half a year ago I started on a second vignette after the release of the Rainy Day Interior. I sent out teasers and pics of it in progress, and now it’s finally here! The Red Light Special is inspired by the mostly now defunct Amsterdam red light district, where you could see gorgeous, lingerie-clad women behind glass. Whether you opt to use the full set (which includes a second floor facade, street lamp, neon lights and side entry door) or to take close-ups of yourself behind glass, this couch contains 18 ultra-sexified poses. The ad shows 6 of those, so there is much more to discover. It’s available to test in the Studio now!

oOo Red Light Special Vignette

ProPosers hunt continues through February 15th.

Have a wonderful weekend!