Hellooo pose addicts (of which I consider myself one)! I’ve been working hard to put together a little group gift for the ProPosers group at the end of the hunt, and along the way decided that I’d make the rest of what I’ve created a group gift, because we have 1,000+ subscribers!!!! Woo woo! I’m very excited about that, and want to say thank you to all the new folks who have joined us.

Next weekend I’ll be sending one gift to the ProPosers group, and those in my group will get the same gift with more poses and goodies in it. This is a BIG gift, and I’m working to finish up what I think will be nearly 30 poses released as a part of it. Stay tuned! On the day of release, I’ll also make it available for purchase and each of the goodies will be priced separately.

This week I’m releasing Laptop, which is super special to me for at least three reasons. First, it’s based on a photo I found on a snowy weekend adventure. Second, the pic is done by Strawberry Singh. Third, it features me and my SL best friend, Rock. We haven’t taken a picture together a while, so it’s even more fun that he’s with me in this one!

For those waiting, the Strawberries pose will (I promise) be released next weekend. There has been a lot of interest in this since Berry blogged it, and I am hanging on to it just a bit longer before release.

So much good stuff going on!! See you next weekend, and hope this one was a great one for you and that the team of your choice won the big game.