Photo Studio Group Gift

Howdy groupies! (Yeah, I just like to think I have groupies.) As per my last message, I have indeed created the group gift, a Photo Studio with 32 poses!! And it’s so free for anyone who had joined the group before midnight, Feb 11.

This is my THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU gift for my group members, new and old, to say how much I appreciate you and the opportunity to get to do what I do here in SL. I love my “job” so very much!

Pick up your gift at the Studio at your convenience before Friday. Just click on the black and white box in front of the fireplace. It may take a second to verify that you’re in the subscriber kiosk list, and then will dole out the goods. Given the interest, there may be a stampede, but rest assured that it will be out for a while, so let’s try to play nice. 😉

If you don’t know if you would like to get it, here’s a review by the super fabulous Poppy Panache on her blog: Many thanks to her for the kind words, and for grabbing the first pics of the thing (since you all know I suck with those).

While you’re here…. check out two new releases all about the skin you’re in…
    • Strawberries – This one was a custom ask, and I couldn’t be happier with the results, as shot by (duh) Strawberry Singh!

Has it been a year already?

• Treasure – This might be a little soft for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing better than getting some nude time with the one you treasure, so get some!

All the best,