Lots of News to Share!

Hello pose fans! I’ll open this with a huge welcome to Miss Felicity Blumenthal, who joined the Studio this month as the Marketing Manager. For just over a year and a half, I’ve been a one-woman show for everything except photography. I’m so thrilled to have Felicity working with me now, she’s simply amazing, and brings a wealth of knowledge, fresh ideas and mad skills to the Studio. If you see her out and about, or are one of her blog followers, say hi!

Now that I’m a we…

We’ve got so much going on at oOo Studio this month, we thought it would be a good time to update everyone on the goings on!

We launched a new satellite (location) at LE.LOOK!, and we encourage everyone visit us there.  We will have some amazing exclusives coming to that location soon, so keep an eye on notices.

Don’t forget the MHOH is still going on and runs until the 20th of this month.  Make sure you visit the oOo main store to hunt out the item, 7 new poses for men, codenamed the Cool collection.

We also have some great things coming up:

  • We will be participating in the 2nd half of the Albero Gatcha Festival with beach towels in assorted poses and colors! These will be available starting August 17th. We’ll send out an announcement and post the LM next week.
  • oOo Studio was invited to participate in The Platinum Hunt this year, we are flattered, and have just about completed the hunt item: A cruise ship vignette with assorted single and couple poses.  We cannot wait to share some images of the completed project. The hunt starts on the 12th!

And finally, we have something new coming to the oOo mainstore… the Monkey couple’s pose. It will be on sale in the Studio Saturday. Here is a little sneak peek:

Tell your friends to join the group, and add our blog to your feed readers. We’ve got so many great things coming up you won’t want to miss them!

See you soon!
Ola and Felicity

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