The Studio released two super-steamy new releases earlier this week!

First, the very decadent Communion, which Trinetty Skytower treated to a very Vampire Lestat view. This is sumptuousness at its finest. Whether you’re a vampire or not, this is a close hold pose of passion.

Second is the long-awaited release of Strawberry Singh’s version of Troika, a three-woman pose which, like Girlies 6, is almost made for the hints of nudity it suggests but doesn’t show. She shot two versions both of which are outrageously yummy.

The Royal Living Pumpkin Hunt continues through Friday, so pick up this couple’s set while it’s still available for only 45L.

Also just a little reminder….

Round 2 of the Fame and Fortune Contest began Wednesday, and will conclude Wednesday the 19th. The poses are marked for 125L sale. Qualify in this round to be a contender for the big money!

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