We’ve got lots of news to share!


Structure, shot by Kallisto Destiny. Originally created for a BOSL magazine image, it’s now available in the Studio. It’s a bootilicious kinda pose, but perfect for fashionistas with their chosen fashionisto.

**This pose is located in the stands section of the Studio.

Also new is the last vampire pose for the Halloween season. Trinetty Skytower mesmerizes again with Sacrifice. Dark and sensual, this comes with a vampire option for the feasting, and a cuddly option if you’re not into the blood drinking. 🙂

**This pose is located in the laying down section of the Studio.


The next round of the competition has started. Six more poses are out, including one never-before-shot Mystery pose. Put your personal stamp on that one, since no one knows what it’s “supposed” to look like! Contest runs from October 23rd to November 6th at 9PM. We’ll announce Round 2 winners as soon as we can, so keep your fingers crossed for your faves!


For sale is the 7-pose Starstruck collection of singles. These are designed to show off boots and handbags, but none of the hands are set to anything other than relaxed (just so you know!). Grab a taxi over to FL, and pick these up for $125L through Saturday. These are bootilicious part deux.


Finally, a reminder that Vintage Fair is starting November 11. We are so excited about this, Ola is a vintage kinda lady at heart, and this is a BIG deal for her. The Studio was chosen as one of 8 sponsors, and there will be so much newness!!!  Teasers coming soon.

Have a great week, and we’ll see you next weekend! If you haven’t picked yours up yet, the Group Gift for this month is still available –

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P.S. Sharp-eyed patrons of the Studio press might have noticed that Daron Brandeis published a signature image for a set of singles called Angst. They’ll be available next weekend. We had to get the vampire stuff in before Halloween for all your bloodsucking needs. 😉