Vintage Fair!

Ola has some great stuff to share:

This month, the Studio goes Retro glam in a BIG way. The mere mention of there being an excuse for me to indulge my inner flapper, nouveau debutante, Hollywood film star, fashion icon, and supermodel, and I’m there! So as soon as I knew we were going to be able to be one of the sponsors of the event, I started making poses. Lots and lots of poses. 14 sets of 7 singles, and they’re all available now at Vintage Fair! Your Rolls: Visit Vintage Fair

I want to say a special thanks right here to Trinetty Skytower. 15 images for any photographer is a major undertaking. But styling the backdrops and settings and establishing the feel and continuity of the finished product is an art and skill, and Trinetty has produced all of these photos in under a week (of sleepless nights and much planning!). I’m pleased as punch that she’s on board with us here at the Studio, she’s produced a body of really outstanding work for this project.




1940s set stayed the same, but got an updated signature image:



There are over 200 other stores represented, and they offer everything from clothing to makeup to hats to shoes to hair to furniture and accessories. The Fair opened today, Friday, and runs through December 6 at 4PM. Because it’s just opened, you can expect to see some pretty significant lag, so be aware before you go.

We’ll be choosing Round 3 contest winners and announcing the winners of the big money prizes on Sunday, and apologize for the delay. Thank you to all the wonderful folks who submitted images in every round! We didn’t forget about you!

Enjoy the Fair!