Studio News!

New in the Studio this week is part one of a 4-part series of poses centered around a gorgeous easy chair, Easy One. We’ll release one of these a week for the next four weeks. It’s color change — burgundy, green, brown and cream — and each one will contain a different couples pose. Trinetty Skytower has been busy for me with tons of pictures! Just wait to see.

Going on now is the With Love, Again hunt. It includes the burgundy color of the same Easy chair, with two couples poses. This hunt is a way for designers to say thank you to their customers, and we want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped in, bought poses, and/or participated in hunts and events. I shot two warm, Cozy images for this, the Cozy gift offering. It’s $10L through January 6th.

See all the participating stores here.


Group members this month will get all sorts of amazing goodies from the store, starting the 20th (maybe sooner if we get everything done!), we’ll be giving out free poses to our group members DAILY. They’ll be under the Christmas tree for you. Right now, this collection includes 18 singles poses, and two couples. We’ll be announcing the heck out of the gifts, so keep an eye out for when you can pick those up!

Wishing you all the the happiness of the season…

oOo Studio