The Easy Life

Howdy pose fans! While everyone is no doubt out shopping to pick up the latest gadget and newest whirligig, add the Studio to your list. This week we’ve got all sorts of things to announce!

Easy Two is available in the Sits gallery, where you can also test out Easy One from last week. The second in the series, Two is wintery wonderland with a warm friends pose that comes with two different options for her. Trinetty has done a fab job of showing the chair in the wild, and I can almost smell snow and the chill in the air.

We are now a few days into our “10 Days of Gift Giving”…

Group members are the people who support my business the most. THANK YOU for your kind words and your spreading the word that the Studio is a good thing. Every day there will be two more poses out under the tree located on the second floor in the singles area. Wear your group tag and click a box that has hovering text. They’ll be ready to go daily at 6pm SLT through the 27th.

Group members are getting six of the 7 poses available in the Cheesecake set. This is a set of pinup style poses inspired by the art of Olivia de Berardini. She is well known for sensualizing the female form and Ola has tried to be true to her style and aesthetic.

Following Cheesecake, there is another set of pinup-inspired poses because Ola was so thrilled with Trinetty’s treatment. Called Bauble, these are classic shapes, and some use the included mistletoe sprigs and Christmas ornaments for props.

Both of these sets are available for purchase and/or gift giving exclusively at our LE.LOOK location. There’s some fantastic shopping to be done there, so be sure to add it to your destinations list.

Sunday started another Fashionably Late week, and we’ll be there with a set called Gifted, this is another must have for your holiday posing!

And finally, don’t for get – The With Love, Again Hunt continues through the first week of 2012, and there’s such amazing offerings!

If you aren’t already a group member be sure to stop by the studio and join so you can enjoy the lovely gifts we are giving.  If you are a member make sure to stop by and pick yours up daily, AND don’t forget to tell your friends so they can join as well!

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