2011 Year in Review

At the beginning of the year, I put together a list of goals for the Studio in 2011. I had 9 items on my list. Thought now might be the time to take a look back and see how well we fared.

  1. 3 new vignettes – released Steamy, Red Light Special, and the Cruise and Surface sets for a hunt and group gift, respectively
  2. 2 skyboxes – I never released these. Changes in the grid this year made them look a bit amateurish to me, so I haven’t released them.
  3. Refine the release processes. Certainly there have been improvements. We remodeled the Studio build to give us a bit more breathing room (though we’re outgrowing it again). I still suck at getting things listed on the Marketplace. 🙂 We added two amazing people to the staff here at the Studio, and between Felicity coordinating all the blog, event things and people to get things done and out, and the addition of Trinetty to take absolutely amazing pictures, we are capable of getting things to market much more quickly and better, I think. To whit…
  4. Release 50 couples poses. This was a big goal, almost one couples pose a week throughout the year. We managed: Weightless, Snowbirds, Saddle, Touch, Monster, Delve, Inspection, Rapture, Stargazer, Hush, Still, Merit, Conversation, Branches, Radiator, Chips, Spring, Display, Elegance, Mode, Captive, Laptop, Treasure, Strawberries, Monkey, Center (a group gift), Eclipse, Lucky, Cling, Steady, Provoke, Troika (group), Communion, Sacrifice, Structure. We released the full wedding collection: Eternal, Darling, Forever, Timeless, Always, Beloved, Betrothed, Immortal, Sealed, Abiding, Evermore, Endless, Infinity, Gents and Ladies (group poses). 50 couples poses released, not including 5 for the Steamy vignette, 3 for the Autumnal pose prop, and another 2 for the Cruise set.
  5. Release 25 singles sets. Another big goal, this was one every other week, effectively doubling the previous offering of poses. We produced: Ethereal, Diva, Basic I, Basic II, Basic III, Badass, Cool, Rugged, Avant, Wand, Awkward, Angst, Starstruck, Cheesecake, Bauble, and Gifted and the full Decade Collection: 1920s, Lulu, Ziegfeld Stands, 1930s, Erte, Ziegeld Sits, 1940s, Legends, Jean, 1950s, Audrey, Dovima, 1960s, Twiggy, Veruschka, 1970s, Shrimp, Cher. We managed 34 sets.
  6. Hold 2 sales. Did one biggie just before we remodeled the Studio, and then did sales for the 3 contests we put together.
  7. 6 pose prop sets. We did Beachy for the Albero Gatcha, and that contained 8 poses for each male and female set; Broomhilda, with brooms, the Gifted and Bauble sets, and 6 poses for the Easy chair prop.
  8. 6 Hunts. We participated in the ProPosers hunt, the CHIC Platinum hunt, MenStuff Hunt, Make Him Over II hunt, the CHIC With Love hunt and the Royal Living Pumpkin hunt.
  9. Re-release 12 previous poses. This was fed by the Fame and Fortune Contest. We chose 9 winners in 3 rounds, and 3 overall winners. We have put out for sale some of the older poses with pics we loved from those contests.

So overall, I would say it was a successful year of accomplishments and fun! It’s interesting as I write this that I always feel as though I never get anything done — and not near as much as I want to do at any given time — that in all, I’ve accomplished a great deal from a design and release standpoint. (You’ve accomplished a lot if you’ve read all this) I feel a bit better knowing that this was the first full year when I’ve also been working full-time in RL.

I want to say thank you to every photographer, every guest, every customer, and to my amazing team of people who help me make these dreams reality. This is also a good time for a special big thank you to Gilles. Poses brought us together, and his support for my business and my life (both of them) is invaluable to me in more ways than a whole post can say.

Wishing you the very best of 2012,

Olaenka Chesnokov