February Group Gift and Wrap-Up

I can’t believe how quickly February has flown by! So many events and wonderful memories this month.

First, group members will be seeing this month’s group gift — Sexpot — in the group notices. This set of 8 poses are perfect for lingerie or beachwear, and can easily play off gorgeous fashion shots as well.

 oOo Studio: Sexpot

oOo sexpot composite

A reminder that the Back in Black event ends on the 29th. The Courage pose will be returning to the Studio in March. Sexpot will also be available in March, when the Studio rebuild will be arriving from the building site. I’m really excited to showcase all the beautiful things in this space, and show both new and older poses.

The ProPosers Expo ends today, and those poses will be making their home in the new Studio build, and will be getting some friends as well!

Finally, WomenStuff ends the 3rd, and we’ve had a lot of people picking up the Distance set. Thank you to all the hunters who have come through!

Have a great weekend!