Pose Fair 2012: New Couples Poses

For bloggers, photographers, models and everyone who needs their avatar to move, poses and animations are essential. oOo Studio is appearing in its third Pose Fair, and I’m excited to show you all the new things you can expect to see there!

A couple months back, I showed three couples poses which, when we shot them, became book covers for novels. I loved the heck out of this concept, so shortly after I started work on three more to add to that series. I’m thrilled to present Denial, Forbidden and Secluded to the Pose Fair audience. Each has a wildly different theme and believe me we had a great time putting these together. My partner Gilles wanted a Buck Rogers feel to his choice, and it became Forbidden, so he got to be that book’s “author.” Whether clients use them for their own book covers or as poses for romance, I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do! Also, we had a fantastic time naming these with suitably cheesy titles. I might not read them, but I do appreciate the genre, and Trinetty has done an amazing job at making these look like actual, real covers.

Stay tuned for the next Pose Fair report to see all the singles poses we have in store for men and women.

oOo Studio: Denial

oOo Studio: Forbidden

oOo Studio: Secluded

Pose Fair 2012

It’s coming this weekend! The Pose Fair 2012 opens on Sun., April 15 at noon (Pacific). This is your chance to shop for exclusive and new poses and animations from the top creators in Second Life. More info at http://www.kateycoppola.com. PLEASE NOTE: This venue will be closed to the public until the event opens.

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