Pose Fair 2012: New Singles Poses

I decided to break these posts into two parts so you can see all the amazing things happening at Pose Fair for oOo Studio. Next up is singles, and there are 4 new sets; two for women and two for men. I tend to make less for men, but I didn’t forget this time!

Pose Fair opens Sunday, April 15th at noon SLT. Link at the bottom to the landing point. The booth specifically is located here. A little advice to those planning to attend: be aware that all the buildings are mesh. If your viewer isn’t mesh capable, they will appear as huge blobs and you will be unable to see the items inside. Also, the design makes use of Linden water as flooring (very gorgeous). This may be a cause for perceived lag when visiting. If you need to, I recommend turning OFF Linden water with cntl+alt+shift+7. It won’t be pretty, but may be more functional for you. Last little ask is to please please remember to be courteous to your fellow shoppers. Wearing the bling scripts, heavily alpha hair and clothing, scripted items (usually for sizing), etc., can slow you down as well as everyone else. Be kind, please.

For women, Fluid and Parisian.

oOo Studio: Fluid

oOo fluid composite

oOo Studio: Parisian

oOo parisian composite

For men, Homme and Indirect. Indirect is the male-equivalent companion to the previous release of Distance for women, where the avatar’s focus is away from the “camera.”

oOo Studio: Homme

homme composite

oOo Studio: Indirect

oOo indirect composite