I was so excited to be asked to become part of the Stumblebum family of creators. Twice a month there are now 26 different businesses taking part in offering creations discounted by 25%. It’s a great way to support designers as well as to get great stuff following a theme. This round’s theme is Jubilant, and I wanted to create something that was fun and springy, so it had to be jumping poses! These don’t have feet on ground level, they’re all raised a bit for jumping. This round is May 1-14.

oOo Studio: Jubilant

oOo jubilant composite

Here is an image of the freebie in this collection, it will be available at the Studio even if you decide not to get the set. It’s in the bag, if you want the set (and you want the set!).

jubilant freebie

Store lineup:
1. Aura
2. Illusory
3. Truth
4. Kyoot
5. Frooti
6. Insufferable Dastard
7. Miao
8. Cheeky pea
9. Paper.Doll
10. Boom
11. je suis
13. oOo Studio