oOo Studio at Culture Shock: Singles

You’ve seen the posts, the bloggers have been covering it for a week or more, and now it’s time to stamp your mark on the cultured world. The chosen charity for this event is Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Allegory pose set benefits the charity 100%.

Here is what’s on offer for singles. Many of these are unisexy, so they would work for men and women!

oOo Studio: Allegory

oOo allegory composite

oOo Studio: Framework

oOo framework composite

oOo Studio: Revolution

oOo revolution composite

oOo Studio: Equinox

oOo equinox composite

Styling for the signature images is courtesy of their models, backgrounds and sets courtesy of the photographer (except for the Framework prop):

Allegory: Strawberry Singh, model and photographer

Equinox: Lilou Cerise, model; Trinetty Skytower, photographer

Framework: Miaa Rebane, model; Trinetty Skytower, photographer

Revolution: Rissa Friller, model; Trinetty Skytower, photographer