Vintage Fair 2012: Props

One of the things we didn’t do for Vintage Fair last year was to create any props with poses. The travel theme of this year’s offering almost demanded it, and here’s to hoping you love them as much as we do!

Each set comes with a Platform, 1 prim, which rezzes the prop in position to match the pose. The platform loads a menu which allows you to switch poses, and will rez the prop appropriately for each. The Golf prop includes a platform for both men and women separately. All sets come with the prop included with loose poses, in case you want to use them where you cannot rez. All pose positions can be saved; take back the platform if you do custom additions.

Four prop collections are offered for this Fair:

Blooms, inspired by Holland, includes the basket of tulips and 7 poses. A hand-held tulip is included as well.
oOo Studio: Blooms

oOo blooms signature

Surf, inspired by the sunny California surfing community, includes 5 changeable board textures and unisex sizing. Watch from the shore, paddle out, catch a wave!
oOo Studio: Surf

oOo surf composite

Golf takes us to Scotland, where the game was born. Sized platforms for men and women, this set includes one club which is packaged in different lengths to match the type of pose.

oOo Studio: Golf

oOo Golf composite

Finally, Scooter is the embodiment of the Italian mystique, including 7 poses and a mint-green colored scooter. You can change the color of the scooter by coloring the relevant pieces. This set does not include a platform.

oOo Studio: Scooter

oOo scooter composite

The Studio is on the Retro sim and opens to the public Saturday, August 4th at 4:00 PM SLT.