Vintage Fair 2012: Singles

Wrapping up the three sections of poses being offered at Vintage Fair 2012 are the singles. We have re-released the Cabaret set, and are showing 5 brand new creations just for the Fair.

Vintage Fair kicks off Saturday, August 4th at 4:00 PM SLT. he Studio is on the Retro sim.

Breaking on the streets of the Empire State, in New York City. Unisex set of 7 poses.
oOo Studio: Breaking

Tell no secrets in Sin City… Las Vegas with the re-release of Cabaret. Set of 7 with a freebie.
oOo Studio: Cabaret

oOo new cabaret composite

The seduction of Flamenco in Spain. Set of 7 with a freebie.
oOo Studio: Flamenco

oOo flamenco composite

The alluring dance of the Hawaiian islands, Hula. Set of 7 poses with hip and arm mirrors.
oOo Studio: Hula

oOo hula composite

Walk the red carpet with celebrities in Cannes with Rouge. Set of 7 poses with a freebie.
oOo Studio: Rouge

oOo rouge composite

And finally, we visit the exotic lands of Egypt with Tribal, a more specifically Egyptian-inspired style of bellydance. 7 poses.
oOo Studio: Tribal

oOo tribal composite