Archie Fundraiser, MenStuff Continues, Vintage Fair Wrapping Soon!

Happy weekend! I’ve made a pose prop set for the Archibald fundraiser at Truth District. Gospel Voom’s kitty, Archibald, was badly injured in a car accident. Through September 2nd, pick up the Stacked pose prop with 8 poses at the District, and all funds go to help pay for Archie’s extensive medical care. Plus, GOs is having a 50% off sale at that location, and other vendors are providing all sorts of goodies.

oOo Studio: Stacked

oOo stacked composite

The MenStuff hunt continues through September 3rd, and if you haven’t done this already, here’s a preview of what’s on offer, the Lean set for men, free! Hunt hints and SLURLs are here.

oOo Studio: Lean

oOo lean composite

Finally, a reminder that Vintage Fair ends August 29th, so if you haven’t picked up every morsel of vintage goodness there, you’ve still got a bit of time to finish shopping.

Have a great weekend!