The Park Collection

Happy autumn! I hope the leaves are turning and it’s beautiful where you are. This month I’m celebrating the release of the Park Collection, 8 couples poses inspired by my walk through St James Park in London in May. Sitting, laying, walking and cuddling are all available at the park.

The collection is available individually, or all 8 poses available in one pose square as a complete set (discounted from the individual price). Many thanks to Trinetty Skytower for her hard work on this collection, and coordinating all the many people in the pics!

New pose squares for this set, they take up only one prim, and have the picture right on the stand. She sits first, or you can swap the two positions once both are seated via the menu. You can still adjust any pose with the menu, and save the adjustments. As always, the pose square is copiable.

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oOo Studio: The Park Collection

oOo Studio: Park One

oOo Studio: Park Two

oOo Studio: Park Three

oOo Studio: Park Four

oOo Studio: Park Five

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oOo Studio: Park Seven

oOo Studio: Park Eight