FAIR: Getting Off at 5

For the newest round of FAIR, I’ve created an elevator vignette with 3 couples poses, in increasing levels of intimacy. Had a lot of fun with this one! The elevator is 21 prims, and has working elevator buttons and doors. The poses are in a pose stand included separate from the prop, in case you’d like to use them somewhere else.

This is the second round of this fun CHIC event, and the Studio will be participating every other month with the other 23 designers, each inspired by an hour of the day. For some reason I’m lame and wrote down 5pm rather than my 6pm, but you know. *laughs*

Thank you to Mr Monstre for getting busy with me in an elevator (and letting us do this to his face!) and to Trinetty for creating a really amazing ad board and pics for this one!

oOo Studio: Getting Off at 5