2012 oOo Studio Holiday Pose Hunt

Been planning for this for quite some time, and it’s finally here! From December 15th through the 24th, the Studio will be offering one pose each day. These include full sets of singles, sexy couples, even four prop poses with the prop included! The hunt will re-set at 1AM SLT, with new gifts for 24 hours. Poses are 45L each day at the main store.

Pro tip! You can gift these items to friends who may not be able to make it to the hunt. 🙂

Here are the poses being offered:

15th: Chilly – A set for cold weather looks. Hands are further away from the body so they fit over bulky sweaters and coats. One special pose for earmuffs, one for hoodie pockets.

oOo chilly composite

16th: Sledding One – Downhill and fast! Includes the prop.

oOo Studio: Sledding One

17th: Snowfall – Welcome the snow with a set of singles for looking to the heavens and checking the weather. Works well for rain, too! Mostly unisex.

oOo snowfall composite

18th: Sledding Two – Just a little push to get you started…

oOo Studio: SleddingTwo

19th: Slippers – It’s not only cold out there, it’s icy! A fun set for falling over and falling down (and staying there). These work great with facial animators.

oOo slippers composite

20th: Sledding Three – Cuddle up after a long day on the slopes.

oOo Studio: Sledding Three

21st: Skate – Classic, pinup inspired skating poses (skates not included).

oOo skate composite

22nd: Crisp – photo coming soon

23rd: North Pole – Santa and his “helper” are getting a bit naughty this holiday season! But I’m sure they’re staying warm.

oOo Studio: North Pole

24th: Sledding Four – Freedom!

oOo Studio: Sledding Four

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the holiday season with these fun and sexy poses!