Hunt Gift Pose of the Day: Sled Four

This is the last in the 10 days of the Hunt at the Studio for the holidays. I really hope everyone who came in, searched around, found and purchased one of these gifts had as much fun with this as I did. The response was fantastic, and I’m thinking there may need to be a summer round of pose giveaways!

Today’s Gift is Sled Four, the last in the Sled Collection. I’ll be sending out the combined set of poses/props to those who have purchased all four already, and the full collection will also be offered in January. I’m taking a few days off after this hunt, and, knowing me, probably working on all the stuff I’d like to release in January, too!

I wish you all the very happiest of holidays! Thank you for making this another wonderful year for oOo Studio, and for me.

oOo Studio: Sledding Four