Fifty Linden Fridays!!

Round two for oOo at FLF (wow, that’s a lot o’ letters). This week I’ve got Daphne, 5 uber-sexy single poses. I am kinda in love with this set, and can’t wait to see what people do with it! Thanks to Mr Monstre for a great name choice.

oOo daphne_composite

In case you were wondering what’s kept me quiet, it’s preparations for Pose Fair, which is only a week away. Starting the 29th, I’ll have 16 brand spanking new things available, including two all-girl group poses, four sets of singles (3 for the ladies, 1 for the guys), two couples poses, and my first ever mesh prop, which includes 8 erotic couples poses.

More details coming soon!

In the meantime, stop by the main store and pick up Fever, available now as a VIP group gift in the main entry.