Pose Fair 2013

This is it! The big event is on. Pose Fair 2013 features over 60 pose and animation and prop makers, and oOo Studio is among them. For this year there are 16 new things: 1 couples pose, 1 risque couples pose, 2 group poses, 4 singles groups (3 female, 1 male), and the first mesh prop made by the Studio, the Tantra chair, including 8 erotic couples poses on a curvaceous chair. Signature images by Trinetty Skytower (<3).  Many thanks to all those who posed for these shots!

Please note! Some of the following pics are NSFW!!

Getting there is easy!

And now to the pictures:


oOo Studio: Sweet


oOo Studio: Chicks


oOo Studio: Gorgeous


oOo Studio: Guy
oOo Studio: Guy composite

Lookbook One

oOo Studio: Lookbook One
oOo Studio: Lookbook One composite

Lookbook Two

oOo Studio: Lookbook Two
oOo Studio: Lookbook Two composite

oOo Studio: Wobble
oOo Studio Wobble composite


oOo Studio: Breathless

The Tantra Collection – Mesh prop is 5LI. The full collection includes both the red and black colors (changeable); the single poses include only the black color.

oOo Studio: Tantra One
oOo Studio: Tantra Two
oOo Studio: Tantra Three
oOo Studio: Tantra Four
oOo Studio: Tantra Five
oOo Studio: Tantra Six
oOo Studio: Tantra Seven
oOoStudio: Tantra Eight