The Love Donna Flora Event

Love Donna Flora is a charity event to help Squinternet Larnia, owner of the amazing store Donna Flora. She has advanced-stage cancer which has made its way into her bones.

Squinternet has been an inspiration to me through the years. She creates the most beautiful clothing, incredible jewelry, and lush accessories. 120 vendors will be offering items at the Love Donna Flora event between 12:01 on July 25th through August 11th. Proceeds will go to Squinternet directly.

For the event, I’ve created Premiere, which is a 4 LI red carpet backdrop mesh prop. The backdrop can be changed just by dragging the logo of your choice onto it. The special event version features the Love Donna Flora purple logo. The red carpet contains 8 women’s single poses, 7 men’s single poses, and 3 special couple poses. I also have 4 of the Decades collection sets of singles available there, with 100% donation to Squinternet. Each of those signature images feature fashions from Donna Flora. The booth is located here and you’ll see the arrow once you’ve landed in the center of the tiny village on the hill. All of the roads lead down to a circular path, meandering among the vendor carts and tents.

I encourage you to read more about the event here: Love Donna Flora blog and leave a personal message yourself for Squint.

oOo Studio: Premiere
oOo premiere_composite couples

Female Singles
oOo Studio: Premiere
oOo premiere_compositef

Male Singles
oOo Studio: Premiere
oOo premiere_compositem