The Arcade!!!

You might guess I’m a little bit excited to participate in the first anniversary edition of The Arcade. For a full year now, creators have been giving us amazing things that we can play for via the gacha machines. Take a chance and see what you get, then meet with others to trade and exchange and to get or collect the items you really want.

For this debut of oOo Studio at the Arcade, I’ve created.. the alphabet! Every letter is available, and every letter contains 3 unique poses. No two letters have the same pose, and I’ve included several sizes of some poses to fit the letter perfectly. They’re unisex, and have at least one pose for the guys. They’re all mesh, they’re all 1 LI (except the M and the rares, which are 2 LI) and they’re available for only $25L per play. You can tint them in front, middle and back sections individually, they’re modifiable for size, and they have the scripts to allow you to reposition any of the poses.

Want more? Here’s a shopping list with pictures of all the goodies available and prices, and the main site, with news about the photography contests and gift items.

The Arcade opens on September 1st. See you there!

oOo Studio Alphabet Guide