Fifty Linden Friday Week 12 and Inhale

Great week for new stuff! First, in an absolutely shocking move, I’m actually doing an in-store release of a new pose, Inhale. I know what you’re thinking, “NO WAY!” but really, it’s true. Cooler than that I’m discounting it to 50% on Friday, March 21st. It’s a sexy one, and it’s one of a 3-pose set. Look for parts 2 and 3 in April.

Out for FLF is a set of 5 leans, by request. These are versatile for fashion photography or just for hanging out. Also, the sweet couples pose, Promise, comes with the emphasis on the newly-welcome spring. Many thanks to Kaelyn Alecto for taking a beautiful spring photo for this one!

 oOo Studio: Inhale
 oOo Studio Chelsea_1600
 oOo chelsea_composite_1600
 oOo Studio Promise_1600

Don’t forget to stop by the Mens Dept before month end!

Have a great weekend!