Fifty Linden Friday, Week 27

Happy (nearly) Friday, pose fans! I know it feels like forever since I released anything, and it feels like that for me, too! This week it’s Fifty Linden Friday, and I’ve got a fun set with a prop on offer! Alexis is a set of hydration poses for workouts. Five poses include the water bottle props for both the right and left hands, and the capless version for the right hand.

oOo Studio Alexis

oOo alexis composite

Additionally, the friends pose — Bests One — comes with two different pose versions, one for holding things like the ice cream pictured (not included) and one for a regular stand.

 oOo Studio: Bests One

Available at midnight SLT for 24 hours. Hope you’re having a great week! Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans.

The Men’s Dept starts Saturday, so keep an eye out for that post tomorrow!