ROMP Monthly

The first time I’m in this event during the monthly round, I’ve got some seriously yummy poses to show off this month. The event begins the 10th and ends the 13th, so get your stuff quickly! For offer is Thrall One and Thrall Three. These pics are NSFW but available half price through the weekend for ROMP’s monthly round. Yes, the numbers Two and Four will be coming out at an undetermined future time.

UPDATE: I asked people if they thought that Thrall One would also make a good pose for other gender pairings, and the consensus was yes, so I _will_ be making the pose to suit a male submissive. I hope to get it done with weekend, but will send out the update and offer it at the same half off discount for 3 days when it’s available. Thank you to all who had an interest in it!

oOo Studio Thrall One

oOo Studio Thrall Three